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Digital Hub Rooms(unavailable)

Meeting Room

Our meeting room is no longer available as it is rented permanently by resident hub user.

Hot Desking

Hot-desking offers the ultimate flexibility, enabling you to work when and where you want. You simply book a spot, bring your laptop, and get to work. Hot-desking is ideal for individuals or small teams, allowing solo-working as well as in a group. There are also comfortable areas with sofas and tables for collaborative working or taking a break.

  • 8 desks in an open plan working space

  • Spacious desk and chair 

  • Electric and internet connection 

  • Breakout area

  • Tea/Coffee facilities

Meeting Pod

Our meeting pod is ideal for telephone and video calls, giving the user privacy to work uninterrupted whilst not disturbing others using the space. 

  • Sound resistant walls for maximum privacy 

  • Comfortable space 

  • Electric and internet connection 

High Speed Broadband

High-speed internet access comes as standard to all Digital Hub users, offering you fast upload and download speeds and no connectivity issues.

  • Unlimited use 

  • Ethernet and wifi available