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Awesome Car Boot Bargains End of 2023!!

Well thats the end of our Brockagh Car Boot/Market for 2023. On sale was everying from work gear to jewellery.

Everyone needs batteries and at this time of year even more so. Unmatchable bargains were to be had from Declan who had a wide range of battery sizes to illuminate your Christmas decor at a very affordable price.

It was hard to ignore the beautiful sheep skin rugs with a €50 price tag being one the cheapest, it was a winter woolie steal.

Bernie had plenty of childrens activity sets and an amusing range of dancing Christmas cactus and musical drumming Santa's.

If it was healing scents that you were looking for Sue had earthy sage bundles(€4) known for clearing the space of bad energy and promoting relaxation. We bought Palo Santo wood stick(€3) to burn promoting physical, Spiritual healing, sleep, and reduceing muscle, joint and arthritis pain.

Hilary displayed a table full of home baked treats and Ken was chilling outside his van with foliage and Christmas Wreaths.

There is so much nostalia attached to the Brockagh Car Boot & Market because its like welcoming back old friends each month. Some traders have passed and much missed, some characters I have not mentioned as we have had so many over the years but we would like to wish you all a happy holiday. Don't forget to come back in March 2024 to have a catch up again with some shared laughs and important chatter!!!! Merry Christmas from the Brockagh Resource Centre..........

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